Qualia House Tutorial

Qualia House Tutorial

D&R: Diagnosis and Remedy for examination preparation

One-to-one tuition based on assessment of the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses followed by targeted work to ensure improvement

Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Studies and Economics, for GCSE, iGCSE, IB MYP, A-Level, IB Diploma

One to one and small group sessions for anyone … of any age … who wants to improve English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

EXPERIENCE English with your tutor, through reading great stories together. We then work, through discussion and homework, on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

We use readers published by Oxford University Press, at different levels for different students. 

Great Stories in English … English in Great Stories

EILit: English Improvement Through Literature

ONLY with qualified and experienced teachers with UK or Canadian safeguarding certificates

Global coverage, for all time zones

Call +44 (0)7747 546362 for more information, 

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David Brodie

David is author of many books (such as those on the right), a former national-level Chief Examiner in the UK, editor for bodies such as the Nuffield-Chelsea Curriculum Trust, adviser to governments not just in the UK but also in China and Mongolia. Most of all, he is a teacher of vast experience.

Some of David’s books

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Qualia House is a branch of Smilite Ltd, with offices in Shrewsbury, UK, 

and partnered with ‘XingLingMei’, Pingshan, Shenzhen, China